Caucasus Conference

The Annual Caucasus Conference, an international event that brings together experts from the South Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia), Russia (including the Northern Caucasus), Turkey, the U.S. and the E.U. to assess and discuss the situation with governance, transition and development in the region.


The Caucasus Yearbook, a volume in Russian based on presentations made at the Caucasus Conference; it contains the results of research on nation-building, democratization, development, regional and European integration of the Caucasus.

Latest Publications

Armenia’s Foreign and Domestic Politics: Development Trends

The publication is a joint project of the Caucasus Institute (Armenia) and the Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki (Finland). It has been supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The book is devoted to the study of Armenian foreign and domestic politics, regional security trends, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict through the prism of Armenian domestic, military and foreign politics, as well as issues on the normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations. This volume also considers the applicability of the so-called “Finnish model” to Armenian foreign politics.




Repercussions of the Ukraine Crisis in the South Caucasus: Politics and Security

Speakers: Richard Giragosian, Sergey Minasyan

Moderator: Alexander Iskandaryan

Venue: Caucasus Institute

Date and Time: October 30, at 15:00

Internship Announcement

The Caucasus Institute (CI) in Yerevan is looking to fill a full-time unpaid internship position. 

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